Ultrafast Broadband


If you live in Great Witley and want to get your voucher you MUST contact stephenwoodhouse@gmail.com to be included and quickly!!

You may have heard that some residents are banding together to take advantage of the government’s “Rural Gigabit Connectivity Programme” for gigabit capable broadband and that Worcestershire County Council are matching the government grant for a limited time.

This is how it works

  • Determine how many houses are interested to gauge whether it is viable or not
  • An amount is allocated per house – more than double for a business
  • Grants go direct to Openreach but are issued against each individual premises that signs up
  • The more houses the more money, and there is more chance of us all getting this free
  • Initially this is an exercise in gauging interest not committing you to anything
  • As the scheme progresses, you’ll receive a formal email to validate/confirm your interest and explain further. The process is covered in more detail in FAQ28 below.
  • You’ll need to agree to take out a contract, with an Openreach supplier, for a minimum of 1 year, and for a broadband speed of at least double your current speed (minimum 30Mbs). This may incur a small additional monthly cost.
  • Those who enrol and contract will get the first connections, others may be able to join in (with a voucher towards costs) as the scheme progresses.

A scheme for New Inn Lane / Noutards Green residents is already under way. This additional scheme aims to include the rest of Shrawley. So far it looks like we have enough interest for this to be viable, however all needs to be signed up ‘done and dusted’ by end of March. Hence there is considerable urgency as the validation and investigation process can take several weeks.

Please see FAQ12 and FAQ28 on superfastworcestershire.com/#faqs for full details.

If you’re interested, please email me the following information:

(Individual) Full Name

Postal Address


Contact Telephone number

Contact Email

Is a business operated from this address?

Business full legal name

Company registration number

More and more people will be working from home in the future all thrashing the internet.  Having fibre to your house means you’ll have a more reliable, faster connection. It is also a good selling point!

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