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This my take on news for the locals of Shrawley, tid bits of information I thought you might like! Please note that it is totally independent, and funded entirely by me where I am aware that there is an element of speculation I will say! If you want me to add/remove anything then please just say.

Fantastic news that the riverside path from the Lenchford Inn to Holt fleet wont be long now before its complete

Bored? Don’t forget to look at the Village diary and there are a number of CLUBS AND SOCIETIES that you can get involved with but these will be subject to whatever Covid rules are in place at the time so please check and please comply

Contact your Councillor!

I think we are all fed up with various things – speeding and parking in the village being one of mine – oh and taking Hollow Lane off GPS 🙂 if you want to contact your councillor about anything email him on SRichardsonBrown@worcestershire.gov.uk

Virtual Church

St. Mary’s Church Although there is no public worship in St Mary’s at the moment services continue on Zoom, please see the attached 4 Rivers Churches notices.If there is anybody who needs special prayers please let Tracy Burgess know. Details of the latest information can be found in the articles section.

The Friends of St Marys Church 100 club

Enter the monthly prize draw to win a cash lump sum £5 per entry all funds raised go to the upkeep and restoration of the church for more details please pick up an application form at the church or contact Paul

History of your house

Ever wondered who lived in your house or what happened locally. You’d be amazed what went on in the woods! There is wealth of information on the History Society Web site it is well worth a look!

Flood Warnings – hopefully none for a while!

Click the heading above to go to the flood warnings page.

Parish Magazine

Want your copy of the parish Magazine? click here They are also looking for more distributors if you want to get your step count up!


Want to Check When you Bins are Collected, what is going on around your house, where the nearest hospital is then Malvern Hills have a great page that will give you all this information HERE