Holt Heath Millennium Green

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This is a fantastic play space and many parents take their kids their for a good run around.

Holt Millennium Green Trust Registration No. 1081408. Holt Millennium Green is located in the village of Holt Heath Worcestershire.Located in the Malvernhills District Council area.

It was developed as an open space for all to enjoy as a reminder of the 2000 Millennium by the villagers with a Millennium Green Grant and a considerable amount of effort by the village people.The Green has a wooded area with many Trees of different varieties together with mature hedges.

In the Spring there are wild flowers in the woods, there is also a children’s play area.There are views of the Abberley Hills with its Clock Tower on the top, also the River Severn in the valley to the North from the Green.It is a Charitable Trust Registration No. 1081408. The Trustee’s and others are all local people who volunteer their time to run and maintain the Charity and the Green, it is financed by a small amount of Parish Precept, a lottery and donations.

This green is run by volunteers and funds for its maintenance are raised locally. They sell lottery tickets from their Post office for £5 per month and are always on the lookout for help. They have a fantastic facebook page, but if you wish to contact them and are not on facebook then I can pass any requests onwards for you.